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I S/o./D/o. Mr. Resident of and student of MBA/MCA/B.TECH (Branch.)

  1. I fully understand that ragging in any form is a punishable offence and is banned by Honorable Supreme Court of India and Government of M.P.
  2. I shall not directly or indirectly involve in ragging or any other unlawful activity activity inside or outside of the college campus during my entire period of studies at the college.
  3. If I am found involved in any such act of ragging, as defined in Pariniyam 38A of M.P Vishwavidhyalaya Adhiniyam 1973, necessary disciplinary action, including filing of FIR with police, may be initiated against me. I am aware of and also fully understand the consequences of any such act of ragging, which may include suspension form classes, debarring form university examination, rustication from the college or any other action(s) as deemed appropriate by the management of the college.
  4. I shall abide by the General Code of Conduct for the students and shall not involve in any activity of indiscipline during my studies at this college
  5. I shall attend all the classes regularly and punctually I am fully aware that,if my attendence in any subject (theory/practical) falls below 75% in the semester my Examination form will not be forwarded to the University.
  6. In the event of withdrawal / cancellation of my addmission for any reason whatever, at any time during the entire period of my course, I shall be liable to pay the complete fee due to me and that in such case I shall not claim refund of fee of any kind, at any time after withdrawal/cancellation of my admission.

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